The Ansell Newsletter
  April 2008 published 3x a year

Dear reader,

Education is clearly one of the keywords in this spring edition of In Touch. As a market leader in barrier protection solutions, it is our continuing mission to provide superior protection to healthcare workers and patients alike. Education and awareness are pivotal in ensuring high protection levels. Consequently, we’re playing this ‘education’ card more and more these days.

Our special programmes, such as the ACPP and the AVPP, bear testimony to this approach. As do our educational videos, lectures and other publications, e.g. the handy Cytostatics Handling Guide highlighted on page 3. And our partnerships with specialist associations and key opinion leaders.

This cooperation benefits everyone involved. For Ansell, it’s a source of inspiration which sharpens our innovative edge. Paired with deep research, the continual exchange of information with specialists results in groundbreaking solutions and programmes. It goes without saying that Ansell also welcomes your suggestions and comments, as a vital ingredient in our R&D efforts.

A playful note to end on... In this In Touch, you’ll discover how Ansell has found a new mission: our medical gloves will feature in ‘Mammoth’, a full-length movie which will première next autumn.  But first of all, enjoy this spring edition of our newsletter!

Werner Heintz - Sr Vice President & Regional Director Europe, Ansell Healthcare
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